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To provide world-class testing machine, the best products to customers

Static Testing Machines

Static Testing Machines

For Tensile, Compression,Torsion, Creep and other static tests.

Dynamic Testing Machine

Dynamic Testing Machine

For Fatigue, Life Test, and all kinds of dynamic tests

Straightening Machine

Straightening Machine

For straightening of shafts, axles, rods, etc. in various fields

Customized Systems

Testing Rig

To meet various needs, Sinotest customized equipments for all kinds of application, especiall in Automotive Industry



Sinotest provides all kinds of accessories, especially the advanced Acutator for different requirement.

AutoMatic Assembling Line

AutoMatic Assembling Line

Sinotest provides you with high end automatic assembly solutions

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About Us

Sincerely provide customers with professional, high quality testing machine solutions

Jiangsu Wallong-Hsin Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., was founded in 1994, is a subsidiary of SINOTEST Equipment Co., Ltd. We are the export and import platform of SINOTEST.

We are majored in electronic universal testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, torsion testing machine, high temperature creep testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine, hydraulic testing platform, testing rig, straightening machine, extensometer, hydrostatic cylinder, automatic assembly line, etc. Our products are widely used in universities, scientific research institutes, space, military, quality inspection, automobile, steel, plastic, rubber, construction and other industries.

SINOTEST is the supporting unit of Chinese testing machine quality supervision center and Chinese testing machine standardization committee. SINOTEST is known as the "cradle of Chinese testing machine technology".

At present, we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CE and other certification.



Design, assembly, tuning, maintenance, after-sales service, Sinotest team is committed to meeting customer requirements for product life and quality from the design level. The most professional team serves every customer who uses Sinotest machines. For over 60 years, Sinotest has always put the customers first, ensuring your experience from the aspects of safety and user-friendliness.


Confused by your machine? No problem, we have a full set of training materials to ensure that you can operate the machine as quickly as possible for testing. Still have problems? Sinotest's professional after-sales engineers will train you on the use of the machine and daily maintenance. We are always there for you!


“The palest ink is better than the best memory.” Sinotest has prepared a comprehensive range of resources for you. Installation, use, maintenance... Sinotest uses a variety of documents and even videos to help you solve problems when you forget how to operate, and provides you with resources to download on the official website. Behind every machine, every document, are all Sinotest team members at your service.


Still have problems? Just be free to contact us! We will arrange it for rapidly and solve your problem with the appropriate way


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