Creep Testing Machine R series Creep testing system

Creep Testing Machine

R series Creep testing system

R SERIES Creep Testing Machine

A tensile specimen under a constant load maintained at a constant temperature.

Welcome to the R-Series Creep Testing Machine, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet your long-term creep testing needs. With exceptional frame rigidity, user-friendly features, and advanced capabilities, our R-Series machines deliver superior performance and reliability. Whether you're conducting research, quality control, or material testing, our R-Series Creep Testing Machine is your trusted partner for precise and accurate results.

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3 Different models depends on your need

RDJ Series

Mechanical Creep testing machine

RDJ mechanical creep endurance testing machine


RPL Series

Creep-Fatigue testing machine

RPL series of high temperature electronic creep fatigue testing machine


RDL Series

Creep-Fatigue testing machine

RDL series electronic creep durability testing machine


High stiff frame

Sturdy Construction

The machine is built with a robust and rigid frame, providing excellent stability and minimizing vibrations during testing.

This ensures accurate and reliable test measurements even under demanding conditions.

Precise Results

The superior frame rigidity ensures precise and repeatable measurements, allowing for reliable data analysis and evaluation of material behavior.

Easy Installation and Maintenance with Electronic Control System

User-Friendly Setup

The R-Series Creep Testing Machine features an intuitive electronic control system, simplifying the installation process. The user-friendly interface guides users through the setup, reducing time and effort required for configuration.

Convenient Operation

With its easy-to-use interface, operators can efficiently control and monitor the testing process. The machine requires minimal adjustments after installation, enabling users to start testing quickly and conveniently.

Streamlined Maintenance

The design of the machine facilitates easy maintenance, reducing downtime. Regular maintenance tasks, such as calibration and component replacement, are straightforward and can be performed with ease.

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High Precision Controll System


Versatile Testing: The R-Series Creep Testing Machine offers multi-station capabilities, accommodating up to 5 workstations simultaneously. This allows for efficient testing of multiple samples, increasing productivity and throughput.

Collaborative Approach: Through a deep collaboration with Doli, a renowned expert in testing solutions, our machine integrates seamlessly with multi-channel systems. This partnership ensures optimal performance and synchronized operation, enhancing the overall testing experience.


Precise Control: The machine is equipped with advanced software that enables precise configuration and control of various test parameters. Users can easily set up and adjust parameters such as load, temperature, and test duration according to their specific requirements.

Real-time Monitoring: The software provides real-time monitoring and visualization of test data, including temperature measurements through thermocouples. Users can track multiple parameters simultaneously, gaining comprehensive insights into material behavior during creep testing.

Seamless Integration: The machine's software is designed to integrate smoothly with other testing equipment and data management systems. This allows for seamless data exchange and compatibility, enhancing overall testing efficiency and data management.

Thermocouple Monitoring: Real-time thermocouple monitoring ensures accurate and continuous temperature measurement throughout the testing process. This enables precise temperature control and provides valuable insights into material performance under various temperature conditions.