Shaft straightening

Widely used in the axel, shaft, pipe, etc.
straightening process.

What is straightening?

Straightening definition

Straightening is the repair of bending and deformation of bar-shaped workpieces

Straightening purpose

The straightening process is usually in the stage of semi-finished products or finished products. Through straightening, the ideal straightness requirements or rotation accuracy requirements are obtained, so as to ensure the machining allowance of the next process of parts or achieve assembly accuracy, and reduce the scrap rate of workpieces.

Straightening also could reduce the processing allowance and save processing cost. After the workpiece is straightened, it only needs to leave a small maching allowance for the next process to ensure te subsequent processing.

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Common straightening methods

Three-point bending straightening

Support the workpiece at two points, the high point is between the two supports and is upward.

Press the high point to a certain displacement and then release it to achieve the purpose of straightening. It is also called three-point reverse bending straightening.

Common straightening methods

Rolling straightening

Press the workpiece through the support roller and the press roller. At the same time, the rotation of the roller drives the workpiece to move forward to realize the continuous rolling of the entire length of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of straightening. Rolling straightening is a continuous three-point bending straightening.

This method has big limitations. It can only straighten workpieces with equal cross-sections, and it is difficult to achieve “online” measurement.

Common straightening methods

Three-point bending straightening

Heat the high point side of the workpiece by flame or induction coil, cool down after reaching a certain temperature, the heated area of the workpiece expands and then contracts, and the stress changes from tensile stress to compressive stress to achieve the purpose of straightening.

This method is not easy to control the straightening temperature, and the straightening accuracy is not high.

Why straightening?

The straightening process is an indispensable and important process in the shaft processing plant

If the straightening process is not set, it is necessary to leave a large processing allowance for the next process, resulting in waste of processing costs.

If the straightening process is unqualified, a large number of unqualified products will appear in the subsequent processing process, which will seriously affect the quality of the parts.Therefore, straightening is a key process to reduce costs and increase efficiency.