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  • YW10-J series automatic rounding machine

    Product introduction

    Model: YW10-J

    This equipment is an automatic inspection and rectification device designed for the 
    correction process required for the ring gear parts before and after heat treatment. 
    It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, easy operation and 
    adaptability to various workpieces.
    Roundness correction of the ring using a horizontal machine tool
    Analyze shape errors during rotation

    Model features:

    The device has the function of setting the maximum correction limit, which can protect the workpiece from being over-corrected and crushed or fractured to ensure the safety of work.

    The measurement and control software has an adaptive function, which can automatically adjust the correction amount according to the different roundness of the workpiece to adapt to different requirements of the different workpieces on the calibration cycle.

    The device has a manual adjustment function, and the operator can operate each action unit separately to adjust the mechanical state.

    A large data storage system that can store 100 kinds of workpieces, fully meeting the production needs of users.

    It has a screening function. If the initial deformation exceeds the set range, it can be directly treated as a defective part.

    It has the function of automatically diagnosing the location of the general fault, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.

    Technical indicators

    Model Project I
    Host form
    Horizontal host
    Can straighten work piece specifications
    measurement method
    Work piece speed
    Measuring points
    1 o'clock
    Correction points
    1 o'clock
    Repeated measurement accuracy
    Measuring position
    External and internal teeth
    measurement method
    Measuring piece, standard gear
    Work piece positioning method
    Three-claw centering
    Control System
    Integrated workstation
    Maximum loading capacity
    Power supply
    Three-phase five-wire system 380V 7kVA
    Host weight
    1.5 tons