Civial engineering Testing Machine

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  • Hydraulic servo pressure testing machine

    Product introduction

    Model: YNS-Y

    Main purpose:

    It can be used for the compressive strength test of metal, non-metallic materials, especially cement, sand, cement paste, concrete, high-strength concrete, concrete cubes, components, blocks, floor tiles and other materials used in railway, transportation, construction and other industries.

    Fully meet the requirements of GB/T50081-2002 "Common Test Methods for Mechanical
     Properties of Common Concrete"
    Technical advantages:
    Various control methods such as force, displacement, and deformation can be arbitrarily
     switched during the test.
    With automatic zero adjustment, automatic calibration, wide range of high resolution 
    The computer can automatically control the test process and can also be manually 
    The loading rate is adjustable.