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  • JJ Series Automatic Straightening Machine (Mechanical)

    Product introduction

    Product standards

    GB/T 15706.2-2007/ISO 12100-2:2003 <<Machinery Safety Basic Concept and General Rules of Design >>

    Q/CSS23-2006 ((Straightening Machine>>

    Main features of JJ series mechanical automatic straightening machine

    l  Measuring system with high reliability and high precision

    l  High speed data acquisition unit enables accurate data sampling.

    l  Floating rotating center which can clamp workpieces without loosening during measuring and straightening processes, thus increases its working frequency

    l  Comparing with hydraulic straightening machine, this JJC machine has advantages of high cost performance, less floor space, cleaner, more safe and reliable

    l  The machine has multiple protective mechanisms for electric,machinery and software to offer utmost safety during production.

    l  The maximum correction limit function can protect workpieces from fracture caused by over-correction.

    l   Versatile for many kinds of workpieces. Averaged changing time <10min.

    l   Friendly man-machine interaction interface can show bending value of workpieces by digital or bar chart display

    l  Fully opened straightening parameters setting interface - it can adjust operating parameters any time as required

    l  The operation software is based on MS Windows system; all straightening process can be observed dynamically

    l  The machine has auto diagnosis function

    l  It has self-adaption & adjustable system of correction value.

    l  The machine has straightening point selection function that can set straightening sequence of measurement points.

    l  After straightening process, the straightening machine can judge automatically if the workpieces qualified and give sound & visual indication accordingly.

    Typical workpieces

    Stub Shaftgear shaft, power steering gears of gear rack, gear rack, finished round bar, rotor shaft of electric tools, rotor, piston rod, torsion bar, air valve, crankshaft, input shaft ball screwcamshaftpinion, rack of steering gear, etc.


    The machine can be widely used for the straightening of camshaft, stub shaftcounter shaft, motor shaft, input shaft, output shaft, gear rack and other shat parts after heat treatment.  The maximum repeated measurement accuracy can be 5μm, display resolution 1μm, and straightening accuracy 0.015mm. Averaged straightening efficiency is 60pcslh. For some special workpieces, the efficiency can reach 10s/pcs.

    Main technical specifications





    Mainframe   structure

    C type mainframe   with fixed workable

    Outer diameter   of workpieces


    Length of   workpieces


    Straightening   points


    Measuring points


    Measurement   accuracy


    Measuring   Methods

    Measuring   leverage/half-rounding envelop blade/standard gear

    Rotation speed   of workpieces

    60 r/m

    Locating method   of workpieces

    Center   holes/outer circles of workpieces

    Control system

    Industrial   integrated workstation(data acquisition and process)

    Load capacity




    Power supply

    AC 220W

    Weight of   mainframe