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    Introducción de producto

    Servo presses are widely used in the precision press-fitting of parts and components. The installation of different tooling can realize punching, stamping, correcting, riveting, bending, shearing, and stretching of various material sheets. It is widely used. Machine tool. The fuselage is made of high-strength steel plates and has sufficient rigidity and strength to bear the working load. It has a large working space and is easy to operate. Closed-loop control servo motor drives high-precision ball screw to realize precise displacement control, which can realize full-range displacement control. With high-sensitivity force sensor, accurate force-displacement curve can be obtained.

    First, the equipment function:

    1. 1. Full-time variable precision press-fitting, with fast forward, detection, press-fit, hold pressure, return function;

    2. 2. On-line determination of press-fit quality, the determination conditions can be set freely, which is convenient for production quality control;

    3. 3. Press-fit curve real-time display;

    4. There are seven press-fit modes for the user to choose from, which are: 1) constant-speed press-fitting, set position stop; 2) constant-speed press-fit, set pressure stop; 3) constant-speed press-fit, set Displacement stop; 4) Constant speed press-fitting, I/O triggered stop; 5) Pressure/displacement, two-stage type; 6) Pressure/pressure, two-stage type; 7) Pressure/position, two-stage type;

    5. 5. The non-linear correction technology is adopted for the pressure signal acquisition. The whole process is measured without dividing the file, which improves the precision and the application range of the force sensor, and realizes high-precision measurement.

    6. 6, equipped with manual control box, can achieve stepless change speed function, easy location fine-tuning;

    7. 7. It has a perfect boot self-diagnosis system and perfect hardware and software protection. System self-diagnosis can provide over-current, overload, limit protection, watchdog circuit protection and over-control deviation protection of the drive system.

    8. 8. Based on the parametric design idea to build a powerful software that can integrate the settings, modifications, and storage of each sensor parameter, mechanical parameter, control parameter, and PID parameter of the press-fitting machine, combined with a powerful real-time curve;

    9. 9. The press-fitting process is controlled step by step, and the control mode, loading speed and target value can be flexibly set.

    10.10, with constant speed, constant force control, and all adopt closed-loop control mode, responsive, high control accuracy;

    11.11. Humanized operation interface, with hierarchical authority management;

    12.12, with the parameter storage function, after replacing the tooling, without the need to reset the parameters, you can directly select the stored parameters;

    13.13, press-fitting process curve and data storage function, to facilitate product traceability process data traceability;